About Author and Project

Hello, guys!

It is nice to meet you at my tiny personal blog, where i would like to share my experience and life stories with you.

Who Am I ?

My name is Alex P. I am an DevOps, an IT engineer, a programmer and a motorcyclist.
My native language is Russian, but i am doing my best to improve my English skills. That is a main reason, why i am writing this blog and articles in English.

What is this blog about ?

  • Windows and Linux sys admin tips and tricks. My life experience working with this OS
  • PCB, soldering, creating interesting projects (smart house etc.)
  • Cars and Motorcycles. Maintenance, improvements and personal experience.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or you would like to have a small talk with me, feel free to contact. I Am always happy to make new friends, end share my knowledge with others.

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